Casino games

Today casino games are becoming very popular. No matter if we talk about Poker games, Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat, we arrive at the conclusion that they are very well promoted and they are becoming very well- known for people all around the world.

These casino games appear everywhere - in commercials, books and movies. Every casino game can be associated with one famous person. Just as examples we know that Casanova, the famous lover always played Baccarat, this is why it is called the game of the blue-blooded, considering the origin of Casanova and the casino game of the discreet gamblers.

Poker was played by famous bandits, outlaws and robbers, among them the famous bandit of the Wild West, Jesse James. Roulette is associated with the name of Albert Einstein who said that a Roulette table can be beaten, only if you steal money from it, representing the casino game of people whom are into science; because they are trying to guess how you can beat the system of the Roulette. So for every type of men, for every type of personality there is a casino game.

Usually the card games, like Poker and Blackjack are played by those people who like to be in the center of the attention, while the discreet, even shy persons try the slot machines or the Baccarat table. Casino games were played from the very beginning of historical times, but they come a long way from their original form until they reached the rules and strategies after those that we play today.

Roulette officially appeared in Paris in 1760, while Baccarat was maybe the oldest, being played already in the 15th century in Italy. Blackjack become popular in the 16th century and poker which is considered a kind of national game in the United States, appeared in the beginning of the19th century in New Orleans, being played at that time amoung the french colonists.

So no matter what kind of person you are and no matter how much experience do you have regarding the casinos and the casino games, you must remember that there is



always a casino game that you will enjoy, without the determination of winning or losing.